Call for Papers for Special Issue

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to a Special Issue “Quality a Driver for Sustainable Constuction” of the journal Sustainability. Using case studies, examples, models, and problem definitions, we want to show how quality can be a driver for the evolution of the building and construction sector toward a sustainable industry.

Today, construction accounts for 40% of global energy consumption and 50% of global waste. Hence, the building sector urgently requires innovation to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Even more, it is expected to cause a significantly growing environmental impact due to a steep rise in the demand for housing and infrastructure. Thus, the construction sector is faced with the two-fold challenge of performing the transition toward a sustainable building culture and delivering adequate and affordable housing for a growing world population. To master these challenges, fundamental innovations are required that significantly improve the technical, environmental, and social quality of buildings and construction processes over the full life cycle of the buildings.

As guest editors the IntCDC PIs, Prof. Volker Schwieger (IIGS), Prof. Philip Leistner (IABP), Prof. Cordula Kropp (SoWi) and Prof. Werner Sobek (ILEK) are looking forward to all contributions!

More Information:

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